Cyphertop – Encryption

Security is something we all keep in our mind day after day, from our locked doors, to the places we visit and the hours we do. Remaining safe starts with prevention, and it’s a goal we all strive for. And yet when we think of safety we only tend to think of our physical safety, which in the present day is rather shortsighted. Events like Wikileaks prove that information is also a commodity people are actively hunting for. <.p>

While information might not seem that important at first glance, do stop to think for a second. Think of all the contacts and pictures in your phone, the work information you hold in your pc, and the financial information or even bank passwords you save online. You would not want anybody to see any of it right? That’s why this modern world requires modern measures, encryption is the key to staying safe online, and when it comes to encryption there’s no better software than Cyphertop, available for both PC and mobile devices.

At its core encryption is a simple concept. It’s just the art to take a message and code it in a way that nobody but the sender and receiver can understand it, thatâs in short the key feature of Cyphertop, the ability to make sure any information you send or store can only be read for you. However, it’s in the quality of its techniques and the wide variety of services it offers that Cyphertop stands out from the rest of encryption software.

The very first factor to consider is the level of security Cyphertop truly offers. And in short, it’s completely unmatched. Cyphertop is currently the best quantum encryption software in the market, It’s processing power allows it to make some of the most complex codes in the market, making sure that only those with the code, in short those users you approve of can open your files and messages. But it’s done in a way that does not impact reading speed, making sure messaging and file sharing is not only safe but smooth.
In addition to its general ability to encrypt outgoing calls and messages, to make sure external communication to another server or network does not impact the security of your files Cyphertop has a few extra options for those files or folders that simply must be unreachable. The first of these functions is its Vault, much like a safe, Cyphertop offers it’s users the ability to create special folders with a different level of encryption. Folder that quite simply cannot be opened without the user permission, meaning any file in it is completely safe from anybody, even people who directly interact with your PC or phone.

The other function is one of the most unique and advanced Cyphertop has in comparison to other software and its Steganography functions. Steganography allows user to hide any file or message as a simple picture file, which can then be decoded again by Cyphertop. This means that not only will the file be completely safe, but that any third party just wonât be able to tell that it’s an important file in the first place.
Cyphertop understands the importance of digital security in the current century and has in response developed the most advanced and reliable encryption software in the market. Safety starts every day, and with Cyphertop you know you’ll have the best functions and service protecting all your data, so make sure to try out Cyphertop Encryption Software now, available on PC and Mobile Devices.

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