Why Almost Four Decades Later We Still Use Computers

In 1981 the first IBM personal computer was introduced to the public for mass consumption. Now almost 40 years later, the biggest technological jump for the personal computer since its rise to popularity has been largely making it more affordable, more portable, and increasing performance. While people may debate While people may debate the order or merits of the computer industries' growth as a whole, one thing that is certain is that people have been using a computer for a long time, and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

Corporate Electronic Recycling: How E-recycling Benefits Your Business

It's impossible to run a business without technology. From production to marketing, a machine is almost always involved. In this age of fast technological advancements, organizations and businesses always need to change and upgrade their equipment frequently to keep up with trends. Whether it's to increase productivity or to upgrade a certain aspect of a brand, old electronic models are discarded for new ones, which leads to an accumulation of electronic waste that the company needs to dispose.

Technilogical Innovation Has Reach The Drumming Industry

The rise of electronic drums and drum machines have become the forerunner of some of the most popular music today. Aside from technological advances on the instrument itself, there are also various accessories that have been created to accompany the new and improved drum kit and the experience it provides. With these innovations, the music scene has also grown and expanded.

How To Update WordPress Securely Each Time

That's why, in this post, we cover the 5 factors to consider you should bear in mind when it pertains to setting up WordPress updates. Follow these and you'll have the ability to update whenever without harming your site's performance!

1. Back Up Your Site Routinely (and Before Updating Anything).

To avoid any worry of an upgrade damaging your site, ensure to support your site before you set up any updates.

A History of Failure and Success

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Before a tech product gets to the public, it has undergone failure thousands of times. What you see today might have been there before but was an idea before its time or will only require a certain improvement or element in the future.

WebTV (1997)

Set-top boxes don't need to be dumb, and for the past few years, the move has been on to embed new technologies and extra smarts into them, including DVR functionality, two-way communication, Web surfing, and more.